Small Business Server’s Internet Connection Wizard

So you say you don't like wizards?  Well do you know just how much we do for you when you run the Configure E-mail and Internet Connection Wizard? 

The features of the CEICW include:

1. Configuring the networking such as ensuring the binding order is correct on the server.

2.  Setting the DNS forwarders on the server.

3. Automatic certificate creation.

4. SSL enabling of web sites.

5. Configuring ISA access rules and web publishing if ISA is installed or via RRAS if no ISA.

6. PPPoE dial-up options.

7. Automatic scripting options

8. UPnP device provisioning.

9. Automatic removal of selected e-mail attachments.

10. Configuring Exchange recipient policy.

11. Configuring Exchange POP3 configuration.

Without knowing how to configure Exchange to send and receive e-mail. Without having to know how to publish websites in ISA 2004 or how to create access rules in ISA 2000/2004, the wizard has you up and running connected to the Internet, securely sending and receiving e-mail.  Who says you get what you pay for?  You get well above what you pay for here!

Check ouf Small Business Server and some of the features that are included out of the box such as Remote Web Workplace which is the main portal to your SBS network.

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