Hello… about myself!

My name is Stephanie Doakes.

I have been working for Microsoft for 9 years; 6 years as a full-time employee and 3 years as an outsourcer.  I started out working on the Domains team working with NT 3.51 and connecting DOS and WFW clients to the domain. Thank goodness we have evolved!  I started out studying, and earned my CNA before coming over to Microsoft and beginning my studies for my MCSE.

I became a Tech Lead for the Domains team while working as an outsourcer.  I then interviewed and came onsite as a full-time employee with Microsoft.  I started on the Domains team, which is now known as the Directory Services team.  Within a year, I became a Technical Lead for that team and I remained in that role for 3 years. 

I was an early achiever on maintaining my MCSE on 4.0, 2000, and 2003. I have also completed the ISA 2004 exam this year. It was a bear so I would in no way consider myself an expert but I love the product.

After starting my family and going on maternity leave, I decided to take the leap and change teams.  I moved over to the Small Business Server team to expand my knowledge on the technologies that I was supporting. I have been on the SBS team for the past 3 years or so. It's been so long, it's all a blurr....but it's a good ride!

I do hope to provide you with good technical information that will assist you in your day to day troubleshooting of issues within your environment.  Also, things that may help you get along better in your environment. 

I will also provide you with issues that we see here on the SBS team that may be helpful to you.  Be aware SBS is not a different beast.  The bits are the same as Windows Server 2003.  SBS just adds special wizards to make the administrator's job a bit easier; a whole lot easier. 

SBS is one product that completely disproves the saying of "You get what you pay for" because you get WAY more than what you pay for when you purchase SBS.  It is GOLD!


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