How to update the Intelligent Message Filter version 2 in Exchange Server 2003 SP2

Important Update” to Exchange after adding Sp2 and IMF configuration.  Be sure to keep your dat and dll files up to date. How to update the Intelligent Message Filter version 2 in Exchange Server 2003 SP2;EN-US;907747 Thanks, Roderick White


Getting the Certificate on to your Mobile Device

I don’t want it to be a big dramatization in getting your certificate onto your mobile device. Small Business Server creates a self-signed certificate for the Default Web Site when you run the Configure Exchange and Internet Connection Wizard (CEICW).  This certificate is used for sites that require SSL, such as OWA.     You…


Resetting NTFS Permissions on Windows Server 2003

I have seen where permissions had gotten changed in the system folders where the Windows 2003 SP1 was applied and the server was rebooted.  After the reboot, nearly all of our automatic services failed to start.  This was because the Remote Procedure Call service failed to start.  Windows Server 2003 changes the logon for the RPC service…


Fax Troubleshooting Guidance

The first thing to do if your are having a fax issue is to ensure that your fax device is on a phone line all by itself.  If you are still having problems, here are some things that can be to assist in finding the root cause.   When troubleshooting fax issues for Windows 2000/SBS2003…


Windows 2003 R2 Active Directory Features & SBS R2 Features

Windows 2003 R2 Active Directory Related Features   I. Extends value of Active Directory deployments to facilitate secure access across organizational and platform boundaries, to allow organizations to manage a single identity across partner, Web, and UNIX applications.   Windows Server 2003 R2 Identity and Access Management Features Windows Server 2003 R2 offers functionality that…


More on Group Policies

Administrators can use Group Policy to deliver and apply one or more desired configurations or policy settings to a set of targeted users and computers within an Active Directory directory service environment. The majority of available policy settings is provided through Administrative Template files (.adm files) and is designed to modify specific keys in the…


Volume Shadow Copy Service and DLLs

Backing up the system state using NTBackup or Veritas Backup Exec may fail if you are having issues with the dll registrations for the Volume Shadow Copy service.    Running the vssadmin utility and using the “list writers” parameters returns nothing. The syntax “vssadmin list writers”.   Usually this issue can be resolved by registering the…


Group Policy Processing and Precedence

The Group Policy objects (GPOs) that apply to a user (or computer) do not all have the same precedence. Settings that are applied later can override settings that are applied earlier.   Order of processing settings Group Policy settings are processed in the following order: 1. Local Group Policy object—Each computer has exactly one Group…


Small Business Server’s Internet Connection Wizard

So you say you don’t like wizards?  Well do you know just how much we do for you when you run the Configure E-mail and Internet Connection Wizard?  The features of the CEICW include: 1. Configuring the networking such as ensuring the binding order is correct on the server. 2.  Setting the DNS forwarders on…