Help us get better – Join the VMM customer panel

The System Center engineering team is looking for Virtualization Management customers who can provide feedback on pain points, preferences, and usage behavior. We are starting a customer panel for VMM and Hyper-V customers to help influence the future of the product. What are my commitments as a panel member? 1 hour meeting once a week for 4 weeks Actively share your… Read more

Logical Networks (Part V) – Network Virtualization

In this post, we complete our review logical networks by looking at the implications of Network Virtualization and Externally Defined Networks on your logical network design. Note that in the latter case, the VMM administrator has no insight into how the network is constructed, nor do they have any visibility into the method of network… Read more

Logical Networks (Part IV) – PVLAN Isolation

In this blog, we continue our review of tenant isolation by looking at the implications of PVLANs on your logical network design – we will look at Network Virtualization and complete our review of Logical Networks in the next post. We Look forward to your feedback and comments. Nigel Cain & Damian Flynn   Introduction… Read more

Networking in VMM 2012 SP1 – Logical Networks (Part I)

In this blog, the second in our series, we will take a closer look at Logical Networks and review some of the key considerations, best practice recommendations and guidance for designing, implementing and managing this component of your Virtualized Network Solution. This posting took a lot longer and became a lot more involved than we… Read more

Virtual Networking in VMM 2012 SP1 and 2012 R2

In Brad Anderson’s Why Architecture Really Matters blog series, he talks about the Mobile First, Cloud First world that we live in today, and are going to live in for the foreseeable future and that the architecture of the solutions you use to support your organization are going to be critical to your success. For… Read more