Architecting a disaster recovery plan for multi-tier web applications using Microsoft Azure Site Recovery

Application software in an organization is the engine of business productivity and the most visible portion of its IT environment. Whether it be intranet applications or customer facing web applications, each of these serve an important purpose and in the event of a disaster it can be utmost critical for an organization to bring up… Read more

The System Center Blog Aggregator app is now available on Android

A few weeks back I announced the System Center Blog Aggregator app for Windows Phone 7 and today I wanted to let you know that it was now available for all you Android users out there as well.  I won’t go into all the details as you can read that at the link above, but… Read more

Like our System Center blogs? Now you have an app for that

Ever since Windows Phone 7 was launched late last year there’s been a growing buzz surrounding Microsoft’s new phone OS, and with the recent announcement that the Windows Phone Marketplace had surpassed 10,000 apps in those 4-5 months and was growing fast (now well over 12,000) I took a look said “Hey, why not me… Read more