Azure Site Recovery Enables Migration of Virtualized Workloads to Microsoft Azure

Azure Site Recovery not only enables a low-cost, high-capability, CAPEX-saving, and OPEX-optimizing Disaster Recovery strategy for your IT Infrastructure, it can also help you quickly and easily spin-off additional development and testing environments or migrate on-premises virtual machines to Microsoft Azure. Customers that want an efficient and easy-to-use migration solution that not only minimizes downtime on the production workloads during migration but also allows them to verify application performance and networking in isolation without any downtime, can benefit from the in-built capabilities of Azure Site Recovery. The flowchart below describes a typical migration flow using Azure Site Recovery and you can visit our detailed blog on how to migrate on-premise virtualized workloads to Azure using Azure Site Recovery for more information.




Abhishek Agrawal | Lead PM| Azure Site Recovery