Azure Site Recovery Now Supports Disaster Recovery to Azure

Hyper-V Recovery Manager is now Azure Site Recovery and with that I am excited to announce the Preview of a new functionality that will enable Disaster Recovery to Azure. Our Enterprise and SMB customers can now protect, replicate, and failover Virtual Machines directly to Microsoft Azure – our guarantee remains that whether you enable Disaster Recovery across On-Premise Enterprise Private Clouds or directly to Azure, your virtualized workloads will be recovered accurately, consistently, and with minimal downtime. ASR supports Automated Protection and Replication of VMs, Customizable Recovery Plans that enable One-Click Recovery, No-Impact Recovery Plan Testing (ensures that you meet your Audit and Compliance requirements), and best-in-class Security and Privacy features that offer maximum resilience to your business critical applications with minimal cost and without the need to invest in a recovery datacenter. To know more about this announcement and what we have enabled in the Preview, check out Brad Anderson’s In the Cloud blog.