Whitepaper: Hybrid Clouds with NVGRE.

Network Virtualization provides a critical component for managing the Cloud OS. It is a key enabler for multi-tenancy, and an important factor to succeeding with software-defined datacenters. Network virtualization was originally introduced in Windows Server 2012. Windows Server 2012R2 and System Center R2, expanded upon this technology, and also include a native virtual gateway built on the Routing and Remote Access role. Recently, a group of System Center MVP’s developed a whitepaper on building out NVGRE for your Hybrid Cloud. The whitepaper includes detailed explanation of NVGRE (Network Virtualization using Generic Routing Encapsulation), and steps on how to configure it. The whitepaper is available for download here in the TechNet Gallery.

Special thanks to the MVP Authors:

Kristian Nese ,Cloud & Datacenter Management MVP

Flemming Riis, Cloud & Datacenter Manager MVP

Additional thanks the MVP Technical Reviewers:

Daniel Neumann, Cloud & Datacenter Management MVP

Stanislav Zhelyazkov, Cloud & Datacenter Management MVP


Christian Booth (ChBooth) | Sr. Program Manager | System Center

Program Lead: System Center: Cloud & Datacenter MVP