A quick Q&A on SCVMM and domain controllers

Question We often hear questions either on the internal alias or from customers about SCVMM and Domain Controllers so here are a few of the common scenarios and questions and the real world answers:

Scenario #1
VMM server is in Domain_A and there is a member server that is in a workgroup that you want to add as a managed host.  Will this work? 

Answer: Yes.  Add the member server through the Add Host wizard using the option for ‘perimeter network’ and SCVMM can manage this host.

Scenario #2
So now we have this member server that is part of a workgroup being managed by VMM, but now we want to join it to Domain_B.  Will this work? 

Answer: Yes.  Joining this server to Domain_B will not impact VMM being able to manage this host.

Scenario #3
Now this server is a member of Domain_B and working just fine, but we would like to promote this member server to a Domain Controller, can VMM still manage this server as a managed host? 

Answer: Yes. You can promote the member server in Domain_B to a DC and VMM will still be able to manage this host.

Scenario #4
Will VMM work if I upgrade the server where SCVMM is running to a Domain Controller? 

Answer: No.  Before starting the upgrade you’ll need to first uninstall VMM.  Once the upgrade is complete you can then reinstall VMM Server. *


VMM and Domain Controllers – RULES AND GUIDELINES

1.  A server that is a member of a workgroup can be added as a managed host.

2.  That server can then be joined to any domain and VMM will still function normally.

3.  That server can even be promoted to a domain controller and VMM will still function normally (exception is RODC).

4.  You cannot promote the VMM server to a domain controller without first uninstalling VMM and then reinstalling after the promotion.


* It is NOT RECOMMENDED to install VMM on a domain controller.  Computers functioning as domain controllers should be reserved for domain administrative functions.

Mike Briggs | Senior Support Escalation Engineer

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