New virtual machines cannot be added after adding an ESX cluster to VMM2008

I was looking over some of the issues we’ve been seeing with System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 and found this one that concerns the inability to add new virtual machines once you’ve added an ESX cluster through VMM.  This one was written up by Steve Bucci so a big thanks to him, and if you happen to run across this one then check out his resolution below:


Issue: After adding an ESX Cluster to SCVMM 2008, you may not be able to add new virtual machines sing SCVMM. When you attempt to add a new virtual machine you may see the following error:

Problem Description: Get this error:
VMM cannot find VirtualHardDisk object .
Ensure the library object is valid, and then try the operation again.
ID: 801

Note that virtual machines can still be added natively in ESX and Hyper-V, but not within SCVMM itself.

Resolution: A hotfix exists specifically for this error but it is not a complete solution if the error has already been encountered. In other words, if you apply the hotfix before
you get this error, it will be fixed, but if you get the error and have not installed the hotfix, installing the hotfix alone will not correct the problem.  To fully resolve the issue you’ll need to install the hotfix and also run the script below:



DECLARE custom_cursor CURSOR FOR
SELECT VHDId, VDriveId from
dbo.tbl_WLC_VDrive WHERE [VHDId] NOT IN

DECLARE @VHDId uniqueidentifier
DECLARE @VDriveId uniqueidentifier

OPEN custom_cursor
FETCH NEXT FROM custom_cursor INTO @VHDId, @VDriveId

WHILE(@@fetch_status = 0)
    if(@VHDId is NOT NULL)
    DELETE FROM dbo.tbl_WLC_VDrive
    WHERE VDriveId = @VDriveId
    FETCH NEXT FROM custom_cursor INTO @VHDId, @VDriveId
CLOSE custom_cursor
DEALLOCATE custom_cursor



Direction for running the script:

1. Open SQL Server Management Studio Express

2. Connect to server <MachineName>MICROSOFT$VMM$ (This is the DB instance defined in Setup, the default value is what’s shown above).

3. On VirtualManagerDB, execute this script. 

After doing this you should be able to remove and re-add the VirtualCenter server and manage it from VMM.

Thanks Steve!