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  1. Recently had this issue occur on my SP 2013 installation that was using SQL 2014.

    I had gotten in working in the past on a SQL 2012 database backend by ensuring the farm admin account had admin privileges on the web front end responsible for doing the user profile synchronization when configuring it.

    This alone did not work with SQL 2014.

    The article referenced below mentioned that you have to install the cumulative update for SP 2013 to get it to run when using SQL 2014. After installing the cumulative update and running the SP Products and Technology tool to update the installation on all web front ends, I was quite relieved when the User Profile Synchronization service started up without a problem.

  2. CoderDN says:

    Awesome, worked like a charm!

  3. f1ra says:

    Perfect! thanks! Worked for me!

  4. Mohammed Beiruti says:

    it worked for me great!

  5. Sebas says:

    It worked for me, Thanks!

  6. DanSanders says:

    Thanks this worked for me.

  7. NOEL says:

    I did that but still stuck on starting when i tried to Start again.

  8. Kyle says:

    But if you blow out your User Profile Service and recreate it, dont you lose all the existing data?

  9. chaitanya says:

    But how to start it again …..

  10. yannick says:

    Thanks it worked perfect. 🙂

  11. Louis says:

    Scott how can i get in contact with you? I really need advice.

  12. Aben Samuel says:

    I had something similar eating my head last week and I blogged about it as well

  13. Louis, use the email blog author link above and I will then get hold of you directly. I am traveling quite a bit but will try and respond quickly.

  14. Hi Aben, thanks for the link. It looks like you had some issues with SQL 2014 and requiring a CU. The particular issue I had was that the service was stuck on starting and even with all of the de-provisioning completed it still remained stuck on Starting.
    The important thing was to follow Spencer’s reset and then run the above script. Thanks for the feedback.

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