Installing Update Rollup 1 for Exchange 2010 on DAG Members

Update Rollup 1 (UR1) for Exchange Server 2010 is available for public download,  and we recommend installing it on all of your Exchange 2010 servers.  In a few days, we’ll refresh our content on TechNet, and the refresh will include step-by-step instructions for installing UR1 on Mailbox servers that are members of a database availability group…


Download Exchange 2010 RTM!

Download Microsoft Exchange Server 2010Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 helps you achieve new levels of reliability and performance by delivering features that simplify your administration, protect your communications, and meet demands for greater business mobility.  Download it today from


Exchange Server 2010 Release Candidate Available!

Today, we announced that the Exchange Server 2010 Release Candidate is feature complete and available for download here.  Updated online documentation for this release can be found at Make sure your computer and infrastructure meet the Exchange 2010 System Requirements, install the Exchange 2010 Prerequisites, and install the Exchange 2010 RC today! Enjoy the…


Microsoft Exchange Server Training Portal

Microsoft Learning has just launched their Exchange Server training portal, which includes training for both Exchange Server 2007 and Exchange Server 2010. Visit the portal, take advantage of new Exchange 2010 training resources, and become an expert on Exchange 2010!. While you’re there, be sure to check out the Special Offers, such as the free…


Project Natal – I Can’t Wait!

I’m an avid XBOX 360 gamer, so when something cool like this comes along, I pay close attention!  And you should, too.  This is some of the coolest technology evar (and I said ‘evar’ instead of ‘ever’ so you know it’s true).


Exchange Server 2007 SP2 and Backups

In my Exchange Server 2007 SP1 Tips and Tricks session last year at Microsoft Tech•Ed 2008 in Orlando, Florida, I announced that we would be providing a VSS-based plug-in for Windows Server Backup in Windows Server 2008 that will enable customers to take Exchange-aware, VSS backups on Windows Server 2008.  We didn’t have many details…


How to Install Exchange Server 2010 Beta

  Now that Exchange Server 2010 is available to download and try in Beta format, I wanted to provide a quick blog on how to install the Exchange Server 2010 Beta. Installing Exchange Server 2010 begins with installing and preparing the operating system.  Exchange Server 2010 can be installed only on Windows Server 2008 Standard…


Why You Should Attend Tech·Ed North America 2009

The Tech·Ed Web site has some great reasons as to why you should attend this year, but I thought I would add a few more: Sessions, sessions, and more sessions.  In case you haven’t looked at the Session List, there’s 738 technical sessions available. Of the 738 sessions, 67 of them are Unified Communications sessions….


Check out the Exchange Server Remote Connectivity Analyzer Beta

Want an easy way to check if AutoDiscover is working?  Not sure if Exchange ActiveSync is configured correctly?  Need to test your inbound mail flow?  For help with these questions, and more, check out the Exchange Server Remote Connectivity Analyzer.  This newly announced tool, nicknamed ExRCA, is a free Web-based test tool developed internally by…


Microsoft Tech·Ed North America 2009 – Get On the Bus

Hey MCPeeps, Are you proud of your MCP status?  Want to win a free trip to Tech·Ed North America 2009? Microsoft Learning has launched an….well, I’m not sure what to call it <g>.  Let’s just say, they’ve launched an adventure like nothing you’ve seen before.  It’s called Get on the Bus.   Get on the…