TechNet Webcast: High Availability in Exchange Server 2007 SP1 (Part 2 of 2): Disaster Recovery and SCR Deep Dive

Are you prepared for outages that affect e-mail service or data availability? Have you defined recovery strategies and procedures for disasters big and small? In this webcast, I'll cover the recommended strategies for protecting Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 messaging service and data, with an emphasis on the ultimate disaster: a full site failure.  Join me this Friday (August 15, 2008) from 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM PST as I also dive deep into standby continuous replication (SCR), which was designed with these disasters in mind. This is a 300-400 level Webcast that covers disaster recovery options and strategies for Exchange 2007 SP1, standby continuous replication, and site resilience.

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