Cmdlets and Commands used in SCR Blogcast

One of my colleagues at work suggested that I post the cmdlets and other commands I used in my SCR blogcast.  Here they are, organized according to which part in the blogcast they were used:

Part 2

  • Enable-StorageGroupCopy e2k7\sg1 -StandbyMachine e2k7dr -ReplayLagTime 0.0:0:0

  • Get-StorageGroupCopyStatus e2k7\sg1 -StandbyMachine e2k7dr

Part 3

  • New-StorageGroup -Server e2k7dr -name SG1Port -LogFolderPath C:\SG1Port -SystemFolderPath C:\SG1Port

  • New-MailboxDatabase -StorageGroup e2k7dr\sg1port -Name MBX1Port -EdbFilePath C:\SG1Port\MBX1Port.edb

  • Mount-Database MBX1Port

  • Dismount-Database MBX1Port -Confirm:$False

  • Del C:\SG1Port\*.*

Part 4

  • Dismount-Database e2k7\sg1\mbx1 -Confirm:$False

  • Restore-StorageGroupCopy e2k7\sg1 -StandbyMachine e2k7dr

  • Eseutil /mh C:\SG1\MBX1.edb | findstr State

  • Eseutil /r E01

  • Eseutil /mh C:\SG1\MBX1.edb | findstr State

  • Move-StorageGroupPath e2k7dr\sg1port -SystemFolderPath C:\SG1 -LogFolderPath C:\SG1 -ConfigurationOnly -Confirm:$False

  • Move-DatabasePath e2k7dr\sg1port\mbx1port -EdbFilePath C:\SG1\MBX1.edb -ConfigurationOnly -Confirm:$False

  • Set-MailboxDatabase e2k7dr\sg1port\mbx1port -AllowFileRestore:$true

  • Mount-MailboxDatabase MBX1Port\

Part 5

  • Get-Mailbox -Database e2k7\sg1\mbx1 |where {$_.ObjectClass -NotMatch '(SystemAttendantMailbox|ExOleDbSystemMailbox)'} | Move-Mailbox -ConfigurationOnly -TargetDatabase e2k7dr\sg1port\mbx1port -Confirm:$False

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