The Future of Exchange Server Public Folders

We get a lot of questions on Microsoft's strategy for public folders in Exchange Server.  For those of you who are still wondering what the fate of public folders are, be aware that:

  1. Public folders are present and FULLY SUPPORTED in Exchange 2007.

  2. The next major version of Exchange Server AFTER Exchange 2007, will also likely include public folders.

This may or may not contradict what you have heard previously. For details on our public folder strategy in Exchange Server, check out this interview with Terry Myerson, who is the General Manager of the Exchange Product Group.  Around 7:50 into the video, Terry talks about public folders.

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    It’s official, this is the first weekend reading of the Summer (and what a great Summer we have here…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Just like a certain segment of the blogosphere is concerned about Windows versions and gets excited every

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