Lots of Cool Happenings Since January

Well, although I started this blog with the best intentions, I have been very bad at keeping it regular.  Here it is almost May, and the post before this one was in January.  Now you know why this blog is called 'Is this thing on?'.

I'll make this entry a quicking, with a quick list of links to things that have happened during the last couple months and are worth checking out.

First, in case you have not heard, Exchange 12 has a new name - Exchange Server 2007.

And for those of you keeping track, Exchange Server is 10 years old!

You can get lots more information about Exchange 12 at the Exchange team blog.

We've also released some updated tools, such as:

Exchange Server Performance Analyzer 2.5

Exchange Performance Troubleshooting Analyzer 1.1

Exchange Best Practices Analyzer 2.6 (there's also a great retrospective article on ExBPA that is worth a read, too.

Also, if you are using BlackBerry, Goodlink, or any other piece of software that uses Send As/Receive As rights inside Exchange Server, there is an important issue you should be aware of.

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