Got a Cool Tip, Trick or Shortcut for Exchange Server 2003?

A few years ago, I started this PowerPoint presentation called 'Exchange Server Tips, Tricks & Shortcuts.'  This presentation has since become one of the most popular sessions at many conferences, including Microsoft Tech Ed and Microsoft IT Forum. It's also one of the most popular Webcasts we regularly deliver.

At this year's Tech Ed, I'll be delivering this session twice (the second time is a repeat session).  It will also be simulcast live via Live Meeting so even if you are not attending Tech Ed, you can still see the presentation.  The simulcast will happen on 6/16/2006 from 2:45PM-4:00PM EST.  I'll post a link to the presentation once I have it.

I try to update the deck as much as possible for each new event at which I present it. For Tech Ed 2006, the session updates are already in progress. As part of those updates, I thought I would solicit ideas from the Exchange community.  If you have a tip, trick or shortcut related to Exchange 2003 and you want to share, post it here as a comment, or send it to me offline at scott DOT schnoll AT microsoft DOT com. Note that there is no compensation or other gratituity for any tips I receive and use. However, if you do provide a tip and I use it, AND you are AT Tech Ed, then I will mention your name in the presentation (with your permission, of course) and make you famous (or infamous <g>).

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