Exchange Best Practices Analyzer – ExBPA.Config.XML Update Available

This morning we shipped version of the ExBPA.Config.XML file to the Web.  Below is a summary of changes from a PM for the tool:

New Additions

Schema check to verify that third-party Active Directory aware applications (such as HP RADIA) have not affected Exchange

Check to see if any RUS objects are conflict (CNF:) entries in the Active Directory

Additional support for Exchange 2000 Instant Messaging servers

New BestPractice rule that highlights automatic IMF updates from Microsoft Update

Added support for Trend Micro ScanMail CSM v2.0

Check for correct cluster dependency configuration when Trend Micro ScanMail 6.20 is installed

Check that Trend Micro ScanMail 6.20 Patch 3 is installed

Enhanced collection of Sybari Antigen configuration parameters

Check that the latest build of Sybari Antigen 8.0 is installed

Check to see if Symantec Mail Security for Exchange 4.5 is installed, and warn that a new version is available

Warn if a VSS hotfix is required

Detect if MountMgr.sys needs to be updated because the server is a cluster with mountpoints

Changes and fix-ups to existing rules

Add support for various Unisys ES7000 models that can suffer from hot-add memory problems

Fixed up a false-positive case with Active Directory Connector ConfigCA's

Fixed up a false-positive case where a RUS rule would fire incorrectly against E12 servers

Prevent the RUS full rebuild warning from firing on SBS servers

Promoted 'zero database' rule from NonDefault to Warning

Conditioned various existing rules so that they correctly fire on E12 servers

Prevent the 'mail accept test' rule from firing if the server is running the IMF from Exchange 2003 SP2

Condition WINS secondary rule so that it doesn't fire on SBS servers

Relocate all metabase calls so that they collect against the virtual server rather than physical server name

Condition MinUserDC rule so that it only fires if there are multiple DCs in the topology

The Web Update Pack at will be updated later today.

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