Exchange 2007: Platforms, Editions, Product Keys and Versions

Now that the RTM version of Exchange 2007 is available, I’m seeing a lot of questions in the newsgroups, Web forums and other Exchange community areas related to SKUs, platforms and product keys.  People are wondering what are the differences between the 32-bit and 64-bit version of Exchange 2007, what are the differences between the…


Halo 3 Video Documentary Available!

Over at, Frankie posted details about a video documentary (Vidoc) called ‘Et Tu Brute’ which is about the Brutes in Halo 3.  I really enjoyed the Vidoc and it will be good to have such an interesting challenge when Halo 3 is released.  Even though the graphics in the Vidoc are not final, and…


Continuous Replications and Exchange Backups

In Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, continuous replication, also known as log shipping, is the process of automating the replication of closed transaction log files from a production storage group (called the “active” storage group) to a copy of that storage group (called the “passive” storage group) that is located on a second set of disks…


Exchange Server 2007 has RTM’d!

On Friday, December 8, 2006, Exchange Server 2007 was released to manufacturing!  w00t!  See for a signoff note from our General Manager, Terry Myerson.  The final build number is 8.0.685.25 (note that the build will show in some places as 8.0.685.24; this is known issue and nothing to be worried about). After 2 ½ years…


Windows Vista has RTM’d!

As the press release at states, Windows Vista has been released to manufacturing. w00t! Windows Vista becomes available to volume license customers this month, and to consumers on January 30, 2007. After reading the press release, head on over to and start getting ready for Windows Vista. It’s time.  🙂


2007 Microsoft Office has RTM’d!

As the press release at states, the 2007 Microsoft Office system has released to manufacturing!  w00t! If you’ve not had a chance to use the 2007 Microsoft Office system, check out the video at Note that this video requires Windows Media Player. And for even more information, check out the new Office Online site…


Exchange 2007 at Microsoft Tech·Ed Europe: IT Forum

As you may know, we’ve combined Microsoft Tech·Ed and Microsoft IT Forum into two conferences, Microsoft Tech·Ed Europe: IT Forum, which is specifically for IT Professionals, and Microsoft Tech·Ed Europe: Developers, which is specifically for software developers.  IT Forum is sold out, but there’s still seats available at Developers. As you might imagine, there will…


More on Continuous Replication

In my last blog entry, I talked about the internals of the continuous replication feature in Exchange 2007.  We went into a lot of technical details about the Replication service, its DLL companion files, its object model, etc.  Deep stuff. For this blog, I thought it might be useful to step back a bit and…


Exchange 2007 – Continuous Replication Architecture and Behavior

I’ve previously blogged about the two forms of continuous replication that are built into Exchange 2007: Local Continuous Replication (LCR) and Cluster Continuous Replication (CCR).  In those blogcasts, you can see replication at work, but we really don’t get into the architecture under the covers. So in this blog, I’m going to describe exactly how replication…


Blogcast: Cluster Continuous Replication

We’ve posted my blogcast on Cluster Continuous Replication on the Exchange Team blog today.  Enjoy!