ISA Server Best Practices Analyzer Tool Available

If you're an Exchange Server or a SQL Server administrator, you've probably heard about Microsoft's Analyzer tools. A Best Practices Analyzer tool has been available for Exchange Server and SQL Server for some time, and Performance Troubleshooting and Disaster Recovery analyzers were recently released for Exchange Server.

The ISA Server team has embraced the Analyzer framework and engine, and has now released their own ISA Server Best Practices Analyzer Tool. Like all of the Analyzer tools, the ISA Server BPA is free. The ISA BPA performs specific tests on configuration data collected from ISA Server 2004 computers, and from the ISA Server hierarchy of administration COM objects, WMI classes, the system registry, files on disk, and DNS settings.

If you run ISA Server 2004 and have not checked out this tool, I recommend that you do.  It's a great tool that can help you secure and manage your ISA servers, as well as maintain compliance with established best practices for running ISA Server.

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