SCOM 2012 SP1 UR2 has been released!!!!

Woo Hoo! 

Its here! Update Release 2 has been released and here are the fixes to SCOM:

You can look/download what else is being addressed in this release at the below location:

Operations Manager (KB2826664)

Issue 1

The Web Console performance is very poor when a view is opened for the first time.

Issue 2

The alert links do not open in the Web Console after Service Pack 1 is applied for Operations Manager.

Issue 3

The Distributed Applications (DA) health state is incorrect in Diagram View.

Issue 4

The Details Widget does not display data when it is viewed by using the SharePoint webpart.

Issue 5

The renaming of the SCOM group in Group View will not work if the user language setting is not "English (United States)." 

Issue 6

An alert description that includes multibyte UTF-8 characters is not displayed correctly in the Alert Properties view.

Issue 7

The Chinese (Taiwan) Web Console displays the following message even after the SilverlightClientConfiguration.exe program is run:

Web Console Configuration Required.
Issue 8

The Application Performance Monitoring (APM) to IntelliTrace conversion is broken when alerts are generated from dynamic module events such as the Unity Container.

Issue 9

Connectivity issues to System Center services are fixed.

Issue 10

High CPU problems are experienced in Operations Manager UI.

Issue 11

Query processor runs out of internal resources and cannot produce a query plan when you open Dashboard views.

Issue 12

Path details are missing for "Objects by Performance."

Operations Manager - UNIX and Linux Monitoring (Management Pack Update) (KB2828653)

Issue 1

The Solaris agent could run out of file descriptors when many multi-version file systems (MVFS) are mounted.

Issue 2

Logical and physical disks are not discoverable on AIX-based computers when a disk device file is contained in a subdirectory.

Issue 3

Rules and monitors that were created by using the UNIX/Linux Shell Command templates do not contain overridable ShellCommand and Timeoutparameters.

Issue 4

Process monitors that were created by the UNIX/Linux Process Monitoring template cannot save in an existing management pack that has conflicting references to library management packs.

Issue 5

The Linux agent cannot install on a CentOS or Oracle Linux host by using FIPS version of OpenSSL 0.9.8.

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