Virtual Machine Servicing Tool 2012 Beta is now available

  To learn more about VMST 2012, click here. To download the tool, click here. VMST 2012 streamlines the process of keeping your offline virtual machines, templates and VHDs up-to-date with the latest operating system and application updates, without introducing vulnerabilities into your IT infrastructure. VMST 2012 helps you effectively manage the workflow of updating…


Hyper-V and VMware Technology and Terminology Comparison

In many cases we compare Hyper-V and VMware technologies. But do we always know that we compare apples with apples ?  The following table helps to map Microsoft Hyper-V technologies and  terminologies to VMware terminologies. Hyper-V VMware Parent Partition Service Console VHD (Virtual Hard Disk) VMDK (Virtual Machine Disk) Failover Clustering VMware HA (High Availability)…


Veeam’s V-Index report shows one-third of enterprises plan to switch primary hypervisor platform  (By David Marshall | InfoWorld)   The survey comes from Veeam Software, a third-party virtualization backup, disaster recovery, and management solution provider that has made quite a name for itself in the virtualization ecosystem. This is its second quarterly survey, and the ongoing series has been dubbed the V-Index report. The V-Index was commissioned…


Virtualizing SQL

Running SQL Server with Hyper-V Dynamic Memory – Best Practices and Considerations   Onboarding SQL Server Private Cloud Environment   High Performance SQL Server Workloads on Hyper-V



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Virtualization Nation, Shortly on the heels of their latest vSphere 5.0 release, VMware has already recalled one of their new features, telling people to disable it manually and developing a patch to disable the feature. This is the latest in a long string of QA SNAFUs for VMware. In this latest incident, VMware enables a…


Optimizing Branch Office Servers by Using Windows Server® 2008 R2

Microsoft IT Showcase is pleased to announce the publication of Optimizing Branch Office Servers by Using Windows Server® 2008 R2 with Hyper-V which discusses how Microsoft IT uses Windows Server 2008 R2 with Hyper-V to provide a secure, future-proof platform on which to provide key services to users.  Microsoft Information Technology (IT) used Windows Server…


Virtualization Career Training Opportunities

  Please check out these two exciting virtualization & infrastructure career training opportunities:   Virtualization Career Training On Tuesday, October 4th Technical Evangelists Symon Perriman and Rick Claus are hosting an online conference on Virtualization Career Training with Microsoft Learning.  This half day virtual event (8am – 11am PST) will offer a Level 100…


Some more Windows 8 , Hyper-V 3.0 facts

  I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND you read this Michael Otey’s blog on Windows Server 8.   Windows Server 8: Hyper-V 3.0 Evens the Odds with vSphere   At the recent Windows Server Workshop at the Microsoft campus in Redmond Washington Jeff Woolsey, Principle Program Manager Lead for Windows Virtualization in the Windows Server and…


Nexus 1000 and other Cisco technologies are coming to Windows Server 8 Hyper-V

  Cisco publicly announced today that the Nexus 1000 and other Cisco technologies are coming to Windows Server 8 Hyper-V. Here: and here: