SC2012 Orchestrator Runbook Examples This export includes runbook examples for each of the System Center 2012 components, plus a few generic administrative task runbooks to round things out. There are 43 different runbooks (master and sub-routine) each tied to a specific global configuration for their respective SC2012 component. You should be able to simply import, reconfigure…


Microsoft Application Approval Workflow

AAW uses System Center 2012 – Orchestrator between Configuration Manager and Service Manager to sync Configuration Manager applications, leverage Service Manager workflows, and post the approval status back to Configuration Manager. We created wizards in Service Manager to configure custom service request template-matching criteria. User and application properties received in the approval request from Configuration…


System Center Orchestrator 2012 Beta

Orchestrator is a critical component in the System Center 2012 release, providing the Process Automation capability to our customers and giving them 3 key benefits: · Optimizes existing datacenter investments by integrating, extending, and interoperating with heterogeneous tools and systems. · Helps deliver flexible and reliable datacenter services by orchestrating process workflows  across multi-disciplinary process…


Using Opalis automating patching Hyper-V Clusters

Great Blog about using Opalis in real world scenarios