Microsoft Cloud Self Assessment Tool

You want to assess your IT capabilities with regards to Private Cloud Computing ?

The “Microsoft Customer Assessment Tool for private cloud” is a free Online tool which helps to assess your Cloud Readiness based on your Priorities.

The tool will provide with a final report that provides you:

  • Assessment results of IT capabilities in the context of your business priorities and challenges
  • Specific IT recommendations and improvements with the Microsoft private cloud
  • Customized IT projects that are aligned to your business priorities

This tool is just a quick Assessment and does not replace a complete planning exercise to build a strategy how you can move to the Cloud, but nevertheless it is a good entry point.

Cloud Computing is not  a product or solution we can implement, it is a strategy you build on and it requires People, Processes & Technology !


So lets get started with the self assessment tool!


1.) open in your Brower

0 intro



2.) in the first part you define your drivers, why you want to move to a Private Cloud and what are your obstacles.

1 drivers



3.) in the second part, you will need to provide the best answer to infrastructure related questions.

2 Infra



4.) in the third part, you will need to provide the best answer to your current processes  & capabilities

3 service delivery



5.) in the fourth part, you will need to provide answers about your Business Applications. And remember it is all about the APP.

4 app



6.) the last menu provides you information about your business and in what part of the world you are living

5 country 

So now we have entered all data 🙂 . As we said in the beginning, this is just a quick Self Assessment !


And the outcome of the Self Assessment will be shown on the screen as below and you will be able to download or send via email a more detailed report.


6 data 



Some basic and initial recommendation based on the data you entered. More Details can be found when you download the Report as shown on the bottom of the graphic.

7 recommendation

Under the next Steps you can also download the report or send the report via email.

8 next

Again as we said in the beginning, this is just a quick Self Assessment, if you want a more detailed Assessment through Microsoft and Microsoft Partners  you can request it here via the next Steps.

Comments (3)

  1. Karleen Wise Andersen says:

    Am I able to customize/white label the tool for a client?

  2. Lee Richardson says:

    Link to is broken, is there another url we can use?

  3. Jeevan S says:

    Is this page and these comments monitored?
    there seem to be no update on Lee Richardson’s query (post nearly 1 month ago)

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