Office 365 Deployment Guide for Enterprises

Microsoft announced the March update to the Microsoft Office 365 Deployment Guide for Enterprises.

In addition, the web version of MODG has moved to TechNet!  It is the reference library on the Office 365 TechCenter for IT pros deploying Office 365.


About the Deployment Guide

The Microsoft Office 365 Deployment Guide for Enterprises presents important deployment planning concepts and deployment procedures. The deployment guide is organized into the sections that provide specific types of information for specific types of deployment personnel in your organization.

Here is a quick overview of what you will find:

· Deployment Overview section. This material provides the high-level look at the deployment and organizational requirements to deploy Office 365. It has valuable information for your IT decision-makers, program managers, and technical implementation leads.

· Plan and Prepare sections. These sections describe the particular tasks and activities required to get ready and fully implement your Office 365 deployment. The tasks are generally presented in the order in which you address them during your deployment. Topics discussed in the Plan section generally reappear in the Prepare section with instructions for carrying out a task. The Plan and Prepare sections contain content that will interest specific types of technology experts in your organization.

· Migrate section. This section describes the tasks for moving your users’ mailboxes to the Office 365 environment so you can begin using the Office 365 as part of your production environment.

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