Hyper-V and VMware Technology and Terminology Comparison

In many cases we compare Hyper-V and VMware technologies. But do we always know that we compare apples with apples ? 

The following table helps to map Microsoft Hyper-V technologies and  terminologies to VMware terminologies.



Parent Partition

Service Console

VHD (Virtual Hard Disk)

VMDK (Virtual Machine Disk)

Failover Clustering

VMware HA (High Availability)

Live Migration


CSV (Clustered Shared Volumes)


Coordinator Node

Primary Node

VM Affinity

VM Affinity

Pass-Through Disks

Raw Device Mapping

Core Parking

Distributed Power Management

Hyper-V Manager

VI Client

Windows Server Backup (WSB)

Consolidated Backup

Dynamic Disk

Thin Provisioning

Expand Disk/Volume

Volume/Extent Grow

VM IDE boot


Hot Add Disks

Hot Add Disks

Integration Components

VMware Tools

Virtual Switch

Standard/Distributed Switch

System Center Virtual Machine Manager


Performance and Resource Optimization (PRO)

Dynamic Optimization (SCVMM 2012)

Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS)

Self Service Portal

Web Access

Quick Storage Migration

Storage vMotion




Full Clones

P2V / V2V


Virtual Machine Servicing Tool (VSMT)

Update Manager

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    Now we have a translator for VMWare. Thanks

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    Still can be explained  in detail.

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    Does Hyper-V have an equivalent term to the VMware datastore?

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