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Shortly on the heels of their latest vSphere 5.0 release, VMware has already recalled one of their new features, telling people to disable it manually and developing a patch to disable the feature. This is the latest in a long string of QA SNAFUs for VMware. In this latest incident, VMware enables a new feature that causes the following symptoms:

  • When performing a Storage vMotion or a Virtual Machine Snapshot you experience poor system performance.
  • A Storage vMotion or Virtual Machine Snapshot fails or times out

Yes, that’s right. Your Storage VMotion or VM Snapshot may just FAIL.

I’ve included the full VMware KB below and a blog post covering the issue as well.

VMware KB:

Blog (

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  1. No one says that Microsoft did not make any mistakes. And yes we also had features recalled, that is no secret.

    I never said that VMWare has bad products. All i am saying is that there is a current issue referring to their offical knowledge base.

  2. "People who live in glass houses should not throw stones."

    This blog post is in poor taste; has Microsoft never made a mistake, had a bug or recalled a feature?  Calling out your competitors mistakes only insinuates that they have a superior product; reminds me of a common strategy in politics.  Good business is not built on bashing your competitors, but elevating your own product.

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