Get the most out of your Private Cloud with guidance from the Solution Accelerators Team

NEW! Service Management for the Private Cloud!

This white paper will help you take advantage of service management principles to maximize the benefits of the private cloud. Service level management is more important than ever because of the private cloud's emphasis on self-service, and the interdependency of its components. Service catalogs also play a big role in a cloud environment because of the importance of letting users know what is available, at what costs, and at what service levels. Apply service management to get several benefits out of the private cloud, such as elasticity, scalability, automation, and reduced time to market.

Assess your client environment for Office 365 readiness

If you are considering a move to the cloud with Microsoft's award-winning business productivity solutions, MAP 6.0 can help make your planning process easier and faster. MAP 6.0 includes an Office 365 client assessment which evaluates the compatibility of Office suites deployed in your environment with Office 365, via a hardware and software readiness assessment. This assessment helps you quickly determine which client computers in your environment are ready to use Office 365. The tool obtains machine level detail about why a given computer is not capable of using Office 365, and identifies whether the Office suites currently bing used in your environment are compatible with Office 365.

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