Microsoft Hyper-V vs. VMware ESX & vSphere Operations & Management Cost Analysis

This White Paper is already one year old, but still valid!

The Microsoft War on Cost team conducted research to determine the on-going operations and management costs for Hyper-V in comparison with VMware’s ESX and vSphere products. The research intended to answer two questions: which platform is less expensive in IT labor to operate on an on-going basis, and do the systems management products used to manage the environment impact the cost of managing either or both platforms. The War on Cost team used HANSA/GCR, a market research firm, to deliver a web-based survey to enterprises with 500 PCs or greater and collect the results.
The research results show that customers running Hyper-V spend 24% less on IT labor, on an ongoing basis, than customers using either ESX or vSphere.

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