“Windows Server 8” sneak preview

If you’re in IT you are likely pulled between an almost infinite need for more computing power to deliver business solutions and the ever increasing demands for greater agility, higher efficiency and lower costs.  Fortunately, you can now deliver on these seemingly contradictory demands by leveraging the benefits of cloud computing with our public and private cloud solutions.  And they are only going to get better.

Microsoft gives you a sneak peek at the next step in private cloud computing by showing you just two of hundreds of new capabilities coming in the next version of Windows Server, internally code-named “Windows Server 8.”

At 36:50 of this online video Microsoft demonstrates how Windows Server 8 virtual machines will help you build private clouds of greater scale by supporting (at least…) 16 virtual processors fully loaded with business critical workloads like SQL Server.  Then Microsoft show you how you can deliver improved fault tolerance and flexibility, without the added tax or complexity of additional hardware, tools and software licenses, by using the new built-in Hyper-V Replica feature.  All it takes is a few clicks, a network connection and Windows Server 8.

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  1. Trademark Application says:

    One of the more intriguing tidbits to come out of last week's Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2011 was a brief mention and then private demonstration of Windows Server 8, which should ship alongside Windows 8 next year. Until the show, Microsoft had never publicly discussed Windows Server 8, to my knowledge, or even mentioned a codename. But now, finally, we have a few interesting details which, when put together with general information about Microsoft's strategy, provides a clue to where this product is heading.

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