Microsoft IT Datacenter Virtualization Past, Present and Futures

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This article will cover a combination of present machine and infrastructure virtualization technologies implemented by MSIT and our thoughts on what the future may bring. 

Coverage of present technologies will include what we have implemented over the past six years, from Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 through Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 Hyper-V, and the “how and why” behind particular choices we have made. 

Discussion around future initiatives will focus on how MSIT plans not only align with emerging technologies, but also be able to use them in combinations that provide new and innovative offerings to our customers. 

Specific topics will include but are not limited to a description of our hardware platforms, how Hyper-V leverages underlying infrastructure virtualization features, how public and private cloud initiatives relate to our current service offerings, and an overall effort towards a dynamic infrastructure to bridge the various solutions.

Microsoft IT Datacenter Virtualization Past, Present and Futures

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