WIN 7 performance tuning for VDI scenario


•             Changing Remote Desktop settings -  (click on the “How can I improve the performance of Remote Desktop over a slow connection? “ link.

•             Performance Tuning Guidelines for Windows Server 2008 R2 - - Performance Tuning for Remote Desktop Services Knowledge Worker Workload on Page 95

There is also an interesting article that can be found at:

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  1. adam says:

    Another option for improving performance of Remote Desktop over a slow connection is to enhance your VDI or RDS deployment with Ericom Blaze, a software-based RDP acceleration and compression solution that provides improved performance over WANs. Besides delivering higher frame rates and reducing screen freezes and choppiness, Ericom Blaze accelerates RDP performance by up to 25 times, while significantly reducing network bandwidth consumption over low-bandwidth/high latency connections.

    Ericom Blaze works with any standard RDP host, including VDI, Terminal Servers and remote physical machines.

    You can read more about Blaze and download a free evaluation at:


  2. ML49448 says:

    Dang! These Ericom Blaze guys are everywhere.  If you do a search for improving your remote desktop services, you are guarenteed to find them.  Forget their software, I want their SEO company info!

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