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It’s an exciting time for Microsoft’s datacenter program.  In addition to operating one of the largest global datacenter footprints in the industry, Microsoft have been working on multiple next-generation, modular facilities that are in various phases of construction. 

One of the most innovative new datacenters is set to open in Quincy, WA in early 2011.   The Microsoft  Dublin facility uses server PODs (Performance Optimized Data Center) and outside air economization to cool the servers, which significantly reduces cooling expense and infrastructure costs. Microsoft took a slightly different approach with Chicago datacenter which utilizes water-side

View inside a Chicago datacenter container

economization for cooling and improves scalability by using IT Pre-Assembled Components (ITPACs.)  

An ITPAC is a pre-manufactured, fully-assembled module that can be built with a focus on sustainable materials such as steel and aluminum and can house as little as 400 servers and as many as 2,000 servers, significantly increasing flexibility and scalability.

ITPAC video

The expansion in Quincy takes these ideas a step further by extending the flexibility of PACs across the entire facility using modular “building blocks” for electrical, mechanical, server and security subsystems.  This increase in flexibility enables Microsoft to even better support the needs of what can often be a very unpredictable online business and allows Microsoft to build datacenters incrementally as capacity grows.  The modular design enables Microsoft to build a facility in significantly less time while reducing capital costs by an average of 50 to 60 percent over the lifetime of the project. 

View Microsoft's Modular Datacenter slide deck >>

Stay tuned for more information about our future datacenter projects in 2011.

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  1. Ismael4 says:

    Idd like to build a microsoft data centre in my country. Should there be possibilities to meet the information demand in my country.the price of internet connections are often high..seeing the need id like to build a green cloud farm in my home province
    and village

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