The Dynamic Datacenter Reference Model



  • Service Delivery Layer: Represents those Service Management activities that require input and interaction with the business and service owner. The components are not only responsible for that interaction, but also the translation of business requirement into technology and operational capabilities. This layer represents the business perspective on the basis of IT.
  • Software Layer: Provides the applications and software that support a business activity (for example, CRM). The Software Layer consumes Virtual Machines (VM) services from the Infrastructure Layer and may consume application services from the Platform Layer.
  • Platform Layer: Provides a set of platform-level (above operating system (OS) level) building blocks which can be consumed by the Software Layer. It consumes hypervisor services from the Infrastructure Layer and is managed by the Management Layer.
  • Infrastructure Layer: Provides resilient hypervisor services to the Platform Layer and is managed by the Management Layer. The Infrastructure, Platform, and Software Layers represent the enabling technology perspective within IT.
  • Operations Layer: Represents Service Management and operational processes carried out by IT operations and support staff.
  • Management Layer: Provides management services to the Infrastructure, Platform, and Software Layers. It is comprised of the suite of management tools necessary to support IT Service and Operations Layer and implements the operational processes. The Management Layer provides a baseline set of capabilities to the Infrastructure Layer and an incremental set to the Platform Layer and the Software Layer. The Operations and Management Layers represent the operational perspective within IT.
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