Microsoft’s experience in Cloud Computing

Microsoft has been providing cloud computing services for more than 15 years by operating our own consumer Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings including Hotmail (with over 450 million users), Live Mesh, and BING (search) with over 28 billion queries per month. With enterprise online services such as the Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS), which includes Microsoft Exchange Online, Microsoft SharePoint Online, Microsoft Office Live Meeting, and Microsoft Office Communications Online, Microsoft Cloud services have been expanded to commercial and government enterprise customers. Additionaly in the Education Sector Microsoft offers free solution  Messaging and collaboration for Universities with Live@Edu.

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  1. Dear Christophe

    Thanks for your comments. I am not deleting it, this your opinion and this okay to me,

    From my side i have done multiple successful Hosted Exchange Project in the past – even to a size up to 3.5 Mio users.

    and all what this post is saying is that Microsoft has shown over the past 15 years with differrent Services successful -hosted services (even before someone was talking about cloud.)

    Hotmail is up and running since 15 years and serving 480 Mio users, WIndows Update Services is up and running and serving and serving millions of PC

  2. Christophe PICHAUD says:


    Microsoft is a newby and a new player in hosting services and cloud services.

    in France, we have the national telecom operator with 700.000 mailboxes for professional customers. all is running on linux debian.

    I have worked with Microsoft and Avanade to make all of this running on Windows and Exchange, already in a Hosted Envrionment. It does not work vey well.

    http.sys crash…. The project is managed directly by Microsoft.EMEA.

    For information, there are migrating to MOS.

    It is worst.

    IT is not just make click click for installing Windows Server and AD and Exchange. Make it work fast and robust. Give me what I pay for. MS Infrastructure is not very expansive but it is appropriate only for middle size business.

    before deleting my post,

    contact me on private email and I will explain to you why MS is a joker in the hosting business. Exchange do not scale for millions mailboxes. why ?

    Because Microsoft is not able do design such softwares.

    christophep ! Microsoft Architect

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