OCS Blog Transitions to NextHop

The OCS Team blog is now officially retired.

You may have noticed that recent posts include a reference to NextHop. Here’s an introduction to the new Lync Server blog for IT Pros. Same great information with a different wrapper.

What Is NextHop?

Welcome to NextHop! NextHop is the Microsoft Lync Server team’s customer response channel—a new medium to rapidly make the information you need available to you, when you need it. NextHop provides pertinent, short-format, technical articles between major releases of the product and associated product documentation (technical library content, Resource Kit book, whitepapers, and tools).

NextHop highlights the knowledge of experts in the Communications Server community, bringing you information from internal and external experts, such as the Lync Server engineering team and our Most Valuable Professional (MVP) community.

In addition to publishing great content by contributing authors, NextHop keeps a pulse on the community. The Lync Server Blog Roll and @DrRez Twitter feed highlight the activities of other blogs focused on Lync Server. NextHop provides pointers to a wealth of information about Lync Server. Our plan is to support, encourage, and evangelize all the great content that is being written about Lync Server.

NextHop brings you fresh articles every week. Many of our article ideas come from none other than YOU. We look forward to lively engagement with our readers. Most articles will be between 2 and 7 pages, so 5 to 10 minutes of reading is usually all that’s required at any one time.

The objective is to help you find quick answers on how to:

  • Ramp up on Lync Server
  • Find information to get started
  • Solve a particular problem
  • Get advice from the experts

Read and use the articles and let us know how we are doing, what helps you, and what additional information you think we should provide.

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· NextHop blog: Lync core articles: http://blogs.technet.com/b/nexthop/

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