Download and install the RSAT tools for Windows 7 from here: Install either the 32-bit or 64-bit depending on what version of Windows 7 you’re using.

Next, go to Start - Control Panel and click on Programs.


Next, you’ll see an option to Turn Window features on or off. Click on this option.


Under Remote Server Administration Tools - Role Administration Tools, find the option for Hyper-V Tools, check the checkbox and click OK. You can now type Hyper-V Manager at the Start Menu


You can now type Hyper-V Manager at the Start menu or go to Start - Administrative Tools -Hyper-V Manager.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    how to install os from hyper-v Software please help..

  2. abhinavvaid says:

    Its not that straghtforward, I ran into multiple issues —

    1. hyper-v-error-access-denied

    2. Hyper V Services was in disabled condition

    3. There were BIOS issues which I had to fix.

    4. There were firmware issues

    All the above issues came when all the supported hardware was intact and it took me almost 2 days to figure out the workarounds/fix the issue.

    BTW, thanks for the article.

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. Anonymous says:

    Really it is a very good artical

  5. AR1CT says:

    My My attempts in adding Hyper-V host fails with this result in the screen shot bellow

  6. AR1CT says:

    Please copy the complete URL & than past it on the search box on the Browser. The screen shot is shared on Mega Uploade service.

  7. nasrin says:

    amazing! I was searching that and every one just said it's not possible

    thanks a lot

  8. Jens Fokdal says:

    However, it is still not possible to install the Hyper-V Role om Windows 7 –  right?

  9. Len Inkster says:

    –> Jens,  Correct you cannot run Hyper-V host on Windows 7, it is a Server 2008 capabilitiy, but you can create a core install of Hyper-V on a separate machine without have to pay for the license for full Windows 2008.  It’s faster and uses less resources
    too so allows more resources for the Hyper-V guests.  (…/faq.aspx)

  10. Jonne says:

    Thanks alot of this but Somehow it says:

    The Update couldn't aply to your computer.   Any Ideas?

  11. Deonhe says:

    make sure you select the download (X86 or 64 bit)

  12. Mahesh Adate says:

    Good to know this blog..

  13. Rohit says:

    it will only install it on ur Windows 7

    it will run but u have to connect server and tht time u will be blocked

  14. Kamel says:


    I have win7SP1 – 1PC

    2 monitor 2 keybord 2 mouse

    so how can i have 2user on 1PC

    i install Hyper-V on my OS Win7SP1

    can any one help

    any way thanks 4 help.

    email: IT.Shopper @

  15. Asghar Durrani says:

    Thanks for such good example Sir.

  16. pradeep says:

    Thanks helped me to install hyper – v

  17. Daoud says:

    I connect to my win2k8host server that's hosting my virtual machines and it initially said access denied.  When I click on refresh, it doesn't display any of the running VMs.  Please advise.

  18. Jason says:


  19. sandman says:

    Daoud and others with his problem follow this guide:…/hyper-v-error-access-denied-unable-to.html

  20. IBM thinkpad x61s says:

    I dont have remote server administrator in windows features


  21. adam says:

    Cool, this is exactly what i'm looking for!

  22. mohmmad says:


  23. new says:

    im sooooo friken confused… im new, wanting to get into ms exchange… what exactly is hyper v? can i install it on my pc with windows 7 and log into different accounts or wat?

  24. wazz says:

    Coolness, Needed This Big Time!!!   Thanks!!!

  25. shrziaie says:

    that was great

  26. Prabhakar says:

    I well try the Hyper – v tool

  27. nandu says:

    helped me alot.. thanks

  28. Zidan says:

    Can I create a vritual machines on Hyper-V installed on Windows7??

  29. bhimji says:

    I installed RSAT tool successfully and reboot the machine. But  I do not find "Remote Server Administration Tools – Role Administration Tools," under 'urn Window features on or off'

    Am i missing anything?

  30. Hugh says:

    The command line hyper-v server runs on windows 7. Who says it's not possible?

  31. sam says:

    I can't install both of installer. Anyone help me pls.

  32. vikash says:

    I dont have remote server administrator in windows features

  33. fire cloud says:

    I can't creat new virtual machines in hyper, it works but it needs local host, thanks a lot

  34. Nitesh says:

    Its showing Hyper-V has not been installed computer "localhost"

  35. Nitesh says:

    I did all you said but Its showing Hyper-V has not been installed on computer "localhost"

  36. Geoff says:


    This does seem to support Hyper-V R2.. My version is not seein VHDX files and can't seem to create Virtual Disks on a Stand Alone Version of Hyper V 2012 (free edition)

  37. Sathishg1 says:

    Good one.. Thanks

  38. ranger says:

    Good, x64 is mainstream

  39. Felipe Herrera says:

    awesome!!! everybody was saying it was not possible, thanks bud!!!

  40. corn says:

    YAY! thanks! this help me a lot 🙂

  41. Bhupender says:

    I have a same problem . so please tell me how to solve it.

    I did all you said but Its showing Hyper-V has not been installed on computer "localhost"

  42. girish says:

    But still it is not connected to local host

  43. Shankar says:

    thanks a lot..

  44. Shishir Chaturvedi says:

    Can i install images on Win7 Hyper V.

  45. Shishir Chaturvedi says:

    I mean to say that When i create Hyper V on Server 2008 then we can create virtual machines on that server, so is it possible in Win7 that, it create virtual machines too.

  46. OMGWhy UrGay says:

    You need "Virtual Box" from SUN it is much better than Virtual-Pc or u get   VMWare too and stop hacking around.

  47. om mishra says:

    thanks, it is very helpful

  48. Mahesh Adate says:

    thanks a lot  Dear

  49. M Ali says:

    Install Hyper V in windows 7 but on execution of Hyper V it did`t show virtual switch manager and hyper v setting options in action pane?

    Plz reply ASAP.


  50. Yahya SP Developer says:

    Thank you very much

  51. guy says:

    What's the point of installing it on win 7 if I can't run virtualization on it?

  52. Ali Kabiri says:

    First we have to install remote server administration tools for windows 7.…/confirmation.aspx

  53. Caio says:

    Muito bom. Obrigado.

  54. KK says:

    I can only connect from the Hyper-V Manager in Windows 8 but not Windows 7. It can connect to the server but not the Hyper-V service. It said 'The operation on computer "servername" failed.'

  55. Folarin Emmanuel says:

    Thanks So much….. Help goes out to Nigeria here..

  56. dolores says:

    I am getting confused with my basic box and virtual machines. Can someone please help me? Or studied materials for exam 70-410. Exam 220-801 and 220-802. Thank you..

  57. does it work on windows 7 home premium says:

    can i install hyper-v on windows 7 home premium ??

  58. leanghy says:

    i use window 7 activate is no problem right ?

  59. omr says:

    I installed but how I can creat new v.m on hyper v

  60. omr says:

    I installed but how I can creat new v.m on hyper v

  61. wow says:

    This article wasted hours of my life 🙁 Shame

  62. omfg says:

    i get a ****** update not meant for your computer message

  63. jazz says:

    thanks bro

  64. shoaib says:

    I cant find remote server administrative tools in windows features to enable hyper v

  65. shoaib says:

    pls help me

  66. Mahmut Ç. says:

    thanks for simple explanation bro.

  67. mike says:


  68. mike says:


  69. ka says:

    Thank you, GOD blessed you

  70. vadivel says:

    Thank you

  71. Sanath says:

    tgx a lot

  72. Sathya says:

    I have installed Hyper on top of win7 64 bit.
    i dont see new option to create to new virtual machine.
    i should see new option in action menu but idont see that.
    can help me on this.

  73. Pintu says:

    Microsoft Windows 7 is awesome

  74. TOD says:


  75. Mazdark says:

    A RESPONSE ! I love u o/

  76. Brury says:

    The Hyper-v alredady installed but i can’t create the new virtual machine. Someone can help me ?

    Hyper-v not been installed on computer "localhost"

    or maybe this is only for install but can not create the fungtion in win7 64Bit ??


  77. Oli says:

    Be aware than while the manager is available in Win7, no functionnality is. You cannot create new VMs in HyperV 2012 bare metal from Win7. So basically if you want to manage a new server from Win7, you cant do that.

  78. EricVnDm says:

    well explained, thanks .

  79. lucky says:

    can u plz help me
    me too having the same problem in windows 8(32 bit)
    i have enabled hyper v bt i am unable to conect to server and create a new virtual machine…
    plz help me out

  80. jyoti says:

    thank u so much sir , post is extremely helful

  81. Noz says:

    Sometimes you have to enable virtualization support in BIOS if you want to be able to create virtual machines. After that is done you have to add feature "Hyper-V Platform". Now you should be able to create and manage virtual machines in Hyper-V

  82. Ayoub says:

    it works! However, it is still not possible to install the Hyper-V Role om Windows 7, but thanks anyway (y)

  83. Prince says:

    Thank you that’s great.

  84. Infaz says:

    Oh How glad I saw this article of you. I have been searching madly for this..Many many thanks Sir…! I hope I can install a Virtual Server on Windows 7 platform.

  85. naidu says:

    Thanks for helped me to install hyper – v

  86. Rich R says:

    I have Hyper V VM that I want to install to my Win7 machine. If I’m understanding the blog correct, I wont be able to set up my VM’s? I’m familiar with Hyper V under Server situation, but I’m not quite sure about Win7. Will I be able to use my VM’s or

  87. shorty1 says:

    Wow, I can’t believe all of the confusion on this blog. People, this is not installing Hyper-V on your Windows 7 box!!! It is simply installing the tool to remotely administer your virtual machines. Hyper-V cannot be installed on a Windows 7 PC.

    Hyper-V is a hypervisor, you will need to set up a separate server running either Windows Server2008 or newer with the Hyper-V role installed or you can download Windows Hyper-V Server 2012 R2 for free. Once your server is set up, THEN you can use RSAT to set
    up and configure your virtual machines.

    If you want to run virtual machines from your Windows 7 PC, download VMWare Player or Microsoft Virtual PC, both are free.

  88. Syed says:

    I cudnt find hyper on my system. Its win-7 x64 pro.


    Another very strong and powerful post. I’ve been reading through some of your previous posts and finally decided to drop a comment on this one. I signed up for your newsletter, so please keep up the informative posts!

  90. Debbie says:

    Thank you. This is a quick and easy way to keep an eye on my Virtual machines.

  91. Debbie says:

    However – I have a cluster with two hosts on it. I cannot see the VM’s on these hosts. I get the error message "The operation on computer xxxxxx failed". I can see the VM’s on my standalone hosts with no problems.


  92. Waseem says:

    Very helpful to me!

  93. PatRick says:

    Hi there I have a decent pc but I can’t get past 10 mins of ATLAS@home or LHC@home because postponed VM Machine failed to enter in a online state in a timely fashion. I tried this but said it was not usable on my win 7 premuim 64 bit. I have a quad 965
    gtx 650 and 8 gb ram I’ve never had this problem till the past wekk, no idea what to do any help please email me at or skype me cleetussr388 thanks!

  94. vvvv says:

    still i did’t get hyper-v icon

  95. lan bebe indirme şeyi yok says:


  96. junaid jamsheed says:

    ask any question to me

  97. diegon says:

    Good! EXCELENT that was realy good imput!! TKS

  98. Bee says:

    Thank you!

  99. Mcse Chennai says:

    Good article! does hyper-v tool available in windows 7 32 bit os? by:-

  100. tahir shaikh says:


    I have win7SP1 – 1PC
    i install Hyper-V on my OS Win7SP1

    can any one help

  101. Melissa says:

    If you don’t have "Remote Server Administration Tools" located in your Windows Features menu, you will need to install this package from Microsoft: Its called Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows 7 with Service Pack 1.

  102. Murali says:

    hai what ever said remote server admintools than select the chek box hyper v manger i could nt get remoteserver on my pa i have using windows 7 ultimate sp 1 i want to be installed hyper v

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