Welcome to the SCD OoES Blog!

lascolinasRight about now you might be thinking: “Uh, great… more Microsoft acronyms? What the heck is SCD and OoES?”

Don’t worry, they’re easy ones — and spelling them out is the perfect way to introduce you to this blog and the team behind it.

First off, SCD. This stands for South Central District. In Microsoft context, this is the organization that takes care of sales, service and support for enterprise sized customers  in the Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Louisiana areas.

Next, OoES. This is simply the Office of Enterprise Security and represents a cross-section of our security experts across solutions and disciplines who have been brought together for the benefit of our regional customers within SCD. This includes our dedicated Enterprise Mobility + Security group, our Cybersecurity organization and various security experts embedded within our product and platform teams.

We’re excited to be here, and, most importantly, we look forward to an interactive dialogue with the community as we collectively work to protect our customers (and our customers’ customers) from those that wish we didn’t invest as much as we do and work as hard as we do to thwart them.

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