Is your business in the know?

Heads-up from our SMB team about our continuing customer profiling activities.

I really feel these activities will result in more business for all & so am keen to hear your feedback / questions.




image Recently, we told you about our program to profile our customers so we can tailor our communications to our customer’s business needs and deliver regular, relevant updates from Microsoft and our partners. 

We know that by marketing more effectively to our customers, we will achieve a much better response and, in turn, drive a higher volume and quality of sales leads to our Partners. 

We are currently deploying via email the first of our tailored customer communications.  Called Psst… , we have strived to deliver information, offers and tips that we believe are relevant to our SMB customers. 

In the future we will be giving you a partner ready version of this communication so you can also send this targeted communication on to your valued SMB customers. 

Link to the website here.

Download a copy of the eDM here.

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