Why sell SBS 2003 R2 with Software Assurance?


Lots of feedback on the recent SBS training that we've been doing around Australia on the positives & negatives of selling SBS with Software Assurance.

Whilst the debates will continue to rage, one thing is certain & that's with the new Small Business Server 2008 coming soon, the least you can do is look into SA & present your customer with the options.

Not only will you receive up to US$200 rebate for selling SBS 2003 R2 Premium with SA (see www.sbsrebate.com for details, offer ends October 31st, 2008), but your customer will also get:

  • The upgrade to SBS 2008 when it is released (64bit hardware needed)
  • License of Outlook 2007
  • License for ISA (version TBD) and Sharepoint Designer (Premium ed only)
  • Option for spread payments (with Open Value)
  • Other benefits such as tech support

Also, the SBS OEM license can be enrolled into SA within 90 days of purchase. This license then accrues all the same benefits as Open License - ie, able to move the software to new hardware.

Speak Microsoft's official Open License distributors today - Express Data & Ingram Micro - about your options & pricing.


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