SBS 2008: Released to Manufacturing!

On behalf of the SBS team, I am extremely pleased to announce that Windows Small Business Server 2008 software has been finalized!  Today both SBS Standard and Premium are being released to manufacturing, which means we begin the process of finalizing international versions, creating media, building packaging, delivering the product to distribution channels and handing… Read more

SBS 2008 Migration Demo and Interview

Check out the Migration demo and interview of Chris Almida.  Chris is a program manager for Microsoft and owns the migration solution for SBS 2008.   SBS 2008 Migration demo and interview For more information about migration, read the SBS 2008 deployment guide. To learn more about SBS/EBS 2008 and download a public preview, go… Read more

Videos from WPC

Lots of SBS 2008 (and EBS 2008) activities here at the MSFT Worldwide Partner Conference in Houston.  In addition to many keynotes, sessions and demonstrations, we’re announcing that November 12 is the launch day for both Essential Server Solutions, that both are approaching the Release Candidate 1 milestone, and that we’ll soon roll out the SDKs… Read more

SBS 2008 How-To Information on David Overton’s blog

For some great SBS 2008 “how to” guidance, be sure to check out David Overton’s blog.  SBS 2008 Install process (in pictures) How to change spam settings on Exchange 2007 / SBS 2008 to enable some / all / more spam to be delivered to an account for analysis Once SBS is set up, how to… Read more

Announcing Small Business Server 2008 RC0 Public Preview

[Today’s post comes to us courtesy of Dean Paron]  After extensive development and private evaluation, I’m pleased to announce that a public preview of Windows Small Business Server 2008 RC0 is now available. Windows SBS 2008 is the next major release in the Windows Small Business Server product family, and it offers a wave of… Read more

Plenty of applause for SBS 2008 at SMB Summit today!

[Today’s post comes to us courtesy of  Chris Almida]    Great day for SBS 2008 at the SMB Summit!  I had the opportunity to present and watch some of the great presenters from the Product Group demo some of the fantastic new features in SBS 2008 to the packed presentation hall here in Dallas.  Topics covered… Read more

Introducing the Windows Essential Server Solutions Family of Products

Today Microsoft is announcing the Windows Essential Server Solutions family of products.  The family includes Windows Small Business Server 2008, formerly known as code name "Cougar" and Windows Essential Business Server 2008, formerly known as code name "Centro". Windows Small Business Server 2008 is built upon Windows Server 2008 and includes: Windows Exchange Server 2007… Read more

SBS Technical Library Has a New Home.

[Today’s tip comes to us courtesy of Mark Stanfill] A common request in the SBS community is that people want a one-stop resource for definitive documentation on how to manage particular aspects of their SBS server. You can find the complete library of official SBS white papers now in one place.  The topics are arranged… Read more

Upgrading Existing Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2003 (SBS) Installations to SBS 2003 SP1

[Today’s tip comes to us courtesy of Mark Stanfill] This is an update to this post   Previously, SBS 2003 Premium customers who wanted to upgrade to SBS 2003 SP1 Premium had to: (1) download SP1 bits, and (2) order a SBS SP1 Premium CD in order to complete their upgrade to SP1.   The… Read more