SBS 2011 Standard Fax Routing to Email Fails with “The following error occurred: 0x80040211”

[Today’s post comes to us courtesy of Rod White and Shawn Sullivan from Commercial Technical Support] A while ago we wrote a blogpost regarding an issue where fax routing to email can fail on Windows Server 2008, upon which SBS 2008 is built. A KB article/hotfix was released shortly afterwards for the OS which addressed… Read more

Considerations when Managing the SBS 2008 Fax Queue from Windows XP

[Today’s post comes to us courtesy of  Roderick White and Shawn Sullivan] By design, user accounts that do not belong to the Windows SBS Fax Administrators group are not able to manage the SBS 2008 Fax queue from the Windows XP Fax Console. This is due to the enhanced fax security configuration in Windows 2008,… Read more

New hotfix available to address the SBS 2008 Fax routing to email issue (0x80040211)

[Today’s post comes to us courtesy of Damian Leibaschoff and Chris Puckett] The following post has been updated, please review the new RESOLUTION section: If you have previously contacted support and  implemented the temporary workaround you can remove the scheduled task that was added by the support engineer upon installing this fix. For this,… Read more

SBS 2008 Fax Routing to Email Fails with "The following error occurred: 0x80040211"

[Today’s post comes to us courtesy of Rod White] Customers are currently seeing issues where SBS 2008 servers receives faxes successfully, but intermittently faxes routed to email may fail. You may also notice that the Fax Server Services crashes (fxssvc) due to a CDO call. If you look within Fax and Scan Console the Incoming… Read more

SBS 2008: Released to Manufacturing!

On behalf of the SBS team, I am extremely pleased to announce that Windows Small Business Server 2008 software has been finalized!  Today both SBS Standard and Premium are being released to manufacturing, which means we begin the process of finalizing international versions, creating media, building packaging, delivering the product to distribution channels and handing… Read more

Fax May Send the Wrong Attachment

[Today’s post comes to us courtesy off Chris Puckett] If you use the fax functionality in SBS 2003 or Windows Server 2003 to fax documents or attachments, there is an issue where a document or attachment may end up being sent to the wrong destination.  A hotfix is available for this issue.  For the details,… Read more

Incoming Faxes Can Take a Long Time to Route to SharePoint

[Today’s post comes to us courtesy of Justin Crosby and Jim Martin] Customers who configure SBS fax to route to SharePoint and are heavy fax users may notice a delay in routing that gets progressively worse over time. Depending on your fax usage it may takes years to become notable. This is because individual SharePoint… Read more