SBS 2008: Released to Manufacturing!

On behalf of the SBS team, I am extremely pleased to announce that Windows Small Business Server 2008 software has been finalized!  Today both SBS Standard and Premium are being released to manufacturing, which means we begin the process of finalizing international versions, creating media, building packaging, delivering the product to distribution channels and handing… Read more

Final DST Reminder

[Today’s post comes to us courtesy of Justin Crosby]   Please make sure that you have applied the DST patches to your SBS server before Sunday October 28, 2007.  This Sunday is the date than an unpatched machine will “fall back” one hour.  A patched machine will “fall back” on November 4, 2007.  By fall back I… Read more

Daylight Savings Time Reminder

In observance of the various Daylight Saving Time (DST) changes Microsoft has been working closely with customers, partners and others in the industry to help ensure a smooth and seamless transition. Earlier in the year, many customers across the world were able to transition smoothly by applying the right updates prior to the DST changes… Read more

New Sharepoint 2.0 DST update and data update tool

[Today’s post comes to us courtesy of Chris Puckett]   New Sharepoint 2.0 DST update and data update tool   933738  An update is available that addresses an issue in which items that use the Date field and the Time field are off by one hour in Windows SharePoint Services;EN-US;933738     This new… Read more

Extended Daylight Saving Time and SBS 2003

[Today’s post comes to us courtesy of Chris Puckett] [Contains updated information:  Modified Step 4 on when the Update Tools should be run depending on heavy OWA usage for creating appointments. Added link in Step 6 for an update for Exchange 2003 SP 1 installs.  New links in Additional Information section.] [Update 2: Referenced new Sharepoint 2.0… Read more