Remote Working; Why it’s Important for Keeping Your Business Running

How do you manage your small business through the currents of today? Between the current flu epidemic and the possibility of natural disasters occurring in your area; are you prepared for your workers to be out of the workplace, possibly for weeks? Windows Small Business Server with Remote Web Workplace can help.


This year we face a potential global workplace crisis as the Swine (H1N1) flu re-emerges. According to the Washington Post “Swine flu could infect half  of the U.S. population this fall and winter…” As mentioned in the Huffington Post  “Millions of businesses are developing contingency plans and continuity of operation plans to keep their businesses and operations going if and when critical employees are out…In just a few weeks, a significant number of American businesses could have their operations negatively affected by swine flu. “

We understand that small businesses are struggling with how to enable their employees to be productive especially when they are not able to physically be at the office. In this time of worldwide illness we see that many are  looking to technology to create a collaborative working experience where employees can be productive no matter where they are or what device they have to engage with.  Many of today’s business challenges can be greatly reduced with help from technology solutions like Windows Small Business Server with its Remote Web Workplace feature.


Remote Web Workplace (RWW) is essentially a web site page that provides a simple, single, secure entry point into your Small Business Server 2008 network.  Authorized employees can connect to Remote Web Workplace using any device connected to the Internet.  If you know how to surf the internet, you can use Remote Web Workplace.  This means that employees can be productive from wherever they need to be not only at the office.


Is your small business prepared?  Find out more about how Windows Small Business Server 2008 with Remote Web Workplace can help your business. If you’re interested, you can try SBS 2008 today for free by visiting our product site; find a Microsoft Small Business Specialist who can assist you with the planning & implementation of your Windows Small Business Server or join the SBS community on Facebook.