Considerations when Managing the SBS 2008 Fax Queue from Windows XP

[Today’s post comes to us courtesy of  Roderick White and Shawn Sullivan] By design, user accounts that do not belong to the Windows SBS Fax Administrators group are not able to manage the SBS 2008 Fax queue from the Windows XP Fax Console. This is due to the enhanced fax security configuration in Windows 2008,… Read more

Windows 7 Cannot Access Shadow Copies in SBS 2003

[Today’s post comes to us courtesy of  John Bay, Richard Pulliam and Damian Leibaschoff] When you connect to a share hosted on SBS 2003 from a Windows 7 client joined to the domain and you select “Restore previous versions” or the “Previous Versions” tab under properties of the share/folder, you get a view that shows snapshots… Read more

Coming Soon: SBS 2008 with Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2 included

[Today’s post comes to us courtesy of Damian Leibaschoff] In the coming weeks you will notice that the SBS 2008 media will now include Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2. This change will help improve the reliability of the newly deployed SBS servers, while at the same time, providing savings in terms of deployment time…. Read more

Remote Working; Why it’s Important for Keeping Your Business Running

How do you manage your small business through the currents of today? Between the current flu epidemic and the possibility of natural disasters occurring in your area; are you prepared for your workers to be out of the workplace, possibly for weeks? Windows Small Business Server with Remote Web Workplace can help.   This year… Read more

Remote Access: SMBs Will Continue to Get Enterprise-Caliber Capabilities with SBS and EBS

[Today’s post comes to us courtesy of Dave Berkowitz]   We are nearing the point where Windows Server 2008 R2 is going to be unleashed on the world, providing a host of new capabilities that will help dial down costs and improve productivity.   One of the key features we’ve discussed in this blog is… Read more