Why Does My SBS 2008 Premium Second Server Display as a Client Computer?

[Today’s post comes to us courtesy of Justin Crosby and Kim Oehmichen]

You may notice that your SBS 2008 Premium 2nd Server (Standard Server) and other servers in your domain display as Client computers in the SBS console.  This can cause issues with the application of group policies and WSUS patch approvals. This issue is displayed below:


This occurs because when you join a machine to the SBS domain the SBS server automatically places the machine account into the SBSComputers OU.  The client computers list is built from this OU.  To correct this issue you must move your server(s) to the SBSServers OU.  You can right-click the computer object and choose move as seen below:


Note: Domain controllers MUST remain in the Domain Controllers OU.