SBS 2008 How-To Information on David Overton’s blog

For some great SBS 2008 “how to” guidance, be sure to check out David Overton’s blog

SBS 2008 Install process (in pictures)

How to change spam settings on Exchange 2007 / SBS 2008 to enable some / all / more spam to be delivered to an account for analysis

Once SBS is set up, how to do the basic configuration through the management console

Simple items in the SBS 2008 Console setup

Setting up your internet connection in SBS 2008 console

Setting up services for the internet in SBS 2008 console (domain name, web site, Remote web workplace, e-mail)

How to configure a Smart Host for Internet e-mail in SBS 2008

How to configure server backup in SBS 2008

Please Note: These steps apply to the SBS 2008 Public Preview, there may be changes in the final product.