Small Business Server 2003 Migration Update 943494 Released

[Today’s post comes to us courtesy of Justin Crosby]

The software license terms for Windows SBS enforce a limitation that permits the presence of only one Windows SBS server in the domain. However, there is a grace period where you can have a second SBS server in “join domain” type migration scenarios. This grace period is 7 days. In some situations, this grace period may not be long enough to properly complete the migration.

This software update extends the allowable grace period for the supported scenarios from 7 days to 21 days.  Please plan accordingly, aim to complete your migration within 7 days and only use this update for situations where it is needed. Remember, if you hit the 21 day limit there is nothing that can be done to extend the limit any further.

Important: We strongly recommend that you complete all migration tasks before you demote the Windows SBS domain controller to a member server. Once you demote the Windows SBS domain controller to a member server, the grace period is reset back to 7 days or whatever is left from the 21 days (whichever is less).

The update is available at:

The KB is available at:;EN-US;943494

For more information on migrating Windows Small Business Server 2003 to new hardware please see: