Inside SBS Podcast Episode #20 – R2 and WSUS

In this week’s episode, we finally return to talk about R2 in general terms, and then dive in to WSUS.


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Show Notes:

00:00 Where have you guys been?
01:15 Getting ready for R2 and WSUS
03:00 First impressions – upgraded console
04:20 Slow loading?
06:30 R2 Components
07:20 Extended CAL rights for SQL and Exchange.  Multiple Exchange Servers in an SBS org?
14:10 WSUS SP1 and SBS integration
15:54 SBS 2003 R2 is not Windows Server 2003 R2
17:20 The great DFSR debate
19:10 FSRM
21:10 R2 Setup – PremTech before CD6 or not?
25:10 Upgrading WSUS
28:30 WSUS Group Policies
29:34 The first 48 hours – the initial synch, only critical security updates applied
37:20 Approval for detection and scheduled tasks
38:00 Understanding metadata
41:15 Client updates and automatic reboots
42:30 Uses the Update Services UI to make changes, not GPOs directly
44:00 Understanding what’s happening on the client in the background
46:00 Clients reporting errors to the Update Services console – waiting 24 hrs
47:15 Pinpointing client vs server errors – error 0x80072ee2 (transient connectivity)
49:00 Use Remove Computer wizard to decommission clients