Inside SBS Episode #18 – The POP3 Connector – Now Available

Please join the Inside SBS podcast gang for a round-table discussion on everyone’s favorite SBS component – the POP3 Connector.  We do a deep technical dive in to how the POP3 Connector works under the covers and discuss best practices, common misconfigurations, troubleshooting, and much, much more.  This episode features the first appearance of our newest team member, Ed Walters.  Ed spices things up for us with his uniquely Texan perspective.

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Show Notes

00:00 Introduction and a brief history lesson
02:00 Best Practice #1 – Not a long term solution
02:20 Back to the real world
06:20 POP3 Connector vs the POP3 Service
08:20 Reasons to keep POP3
11:40 Updates to be aware of 835734 –
14:30 Architecture part 1 – diagnostic logging
17:30 Using OE/Telnet as a test client –
22:30 Keep a copy of the mail on the server?  Getoudahere
24:30 Download interval less than 15 minutes?
32:00 Event Sinks
37:00 – How to troubleshoot the POP3 Connector
39:05 CDO (No, not *that* pickup method)
40:30 P1 and P2 headers
43:45 Global Mailboxes
44:15 POP3 Does not Support BCC –
47:00 Lost mail
48:15 Hosting your own global mailbox
51:30 Duplicate messages
53:45 Hosting the same domain at two locations –
54:30 Architecture review – “architorture”
54:55 Testing CDO via the pickup folder
56:15 Corrupt message in program files
57:00 Peter’s homage to 885685
58:05 Peter has the final word – go to SMTP